Natural Red Carnelian Square Nugget Beads 10p 12mm 14mm

Natural Red Carnelian Square Nugget Beads 10p 12mm 14mm

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This item is a 10 peice lot of a Semi Precious Stone Called Carnelian.THe Shape of the bead is a Rough Cut Square Nugget Like Shape.The size Range is is 12mm to 14mm in Dimension. That is equal to about 1/3's to 1/2's of an inch.These are Great Funky and Chunky Beads  in a Deep Red, Red Brown , Rust Orange and Smokey Clear Colorations. They are Natural,and Not Tumbled or Polished. Use for Eccents, focal Points or may be Made into pendents with wire wrapping. The Hole is labout 1mm.

Myth and Lore:Many sources report that Carnelian be a powerful activator to the second Chakra, called the Sacral Chakra, which relates to a sense of Self... along with the five senses, creativity, reproduction, sexuality and self-gratification. 

Carnelians were used in Ancient Egyptian magick as protection for both the living and the dead.  A Carnelian in the form of the "tjet," symbol of Mother Isis, was placed on the neck of a mummy to ensure the protection, safe passage, and rebirth of the spirit in the afterlife.  Another Carnelian amulet was the Eye of Horus, which is still believed to offer protection against the evil eye.  In Roman times, Carnelian was engraved with the head of a lion or a great leader. 

Magickal uses of Carnelian include using it as a focus for past life work and for finding a "twin soul" or family.  It is good for all love and sex rites, especially to rekindle or increase passion that has begun to fade.  Fire magick is also more effective if you circle a red candle with several Carnelians. 

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