Green Glow in Dark Glass Lampwork  Beads 15mm 10p

Green Glow in Dark Glass Lampwork Beads 15mm 10p

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This item is for 10 Glow in the Dark Glass Beads.  These Beads are wild. They are Round Clear Beads that Look like they have another Bead inside of the Bead with Particles Floating around it. They Lookvery demensional. The Bead is Clear, the inside tube is that is ether clear or clue. They are mixed so you will not be getting all blue core beads, Some do not have the core at all. The specks are Light Neon Green ish. The size is 15mm which is about 1/2 of an inch in diameter. They are Very attractive the way they are. But wait get this take these beads in a Dark Room and the design Glows with an incandescent Neon Green to yellow Design where the Space Particle Designs were. Wild! Fun! and Great For Big and Little Kids alike. For Parties, for Clubbing and the Goth. Just real Cool, eclectic and awesome. I do lots of jewelry making in the Caribbean and these are some of the Beads I use. This bead is Really Stunning for a Variety of Eclectic Projects for the the extreme. The holes are suitable for a 1mm or under stringing material or Memory Wire .

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