8/0 Indigo Aqua Rainbow Japan Triangle Toho Seed Beads

8/0 Indigo Aqua Rainbow Japan Triangle Toho Seed Beads

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Hi and Welcome to Cherrygon's Beading Gallery. Please read the info and Stay Happy.This Lot is 14 Grams of Size 8/0 Triangle Toho Glass Seed Beads. From what I hear these are the one of highest quality glass beads made. The Size is a 8/0 and there are about 400 pieces and 8-9 beads to the inch in total there should be about 44 inches if I did my math right. These are really precision craftsmanship. The Color Yummy! The Color is a An Indigo Blue Metallic Rainbow.Sparkling a Dazzleing to the Max. The Hues in the Rainbow are Teal, Violet Green Aqua and Deep Purple.The Bead is Shiny and Metallica. These Beads are Highly uniform in size and shape. The Holes are Large and the Bead walls are thinner than most.These Beads are produced in Japan. These Beads Speak them selves. Great for all u weavers. This Color is also avail in sz 11 Triangle, and 11/0 Round, Size 3 Bugle Beads and 11/0 Hex Cuts.

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