11/0 Coral Red Topaz Gold  Mix Czech Seed Beads

11/0 Coral Red Topaz Gold Mix Czech Seed Beads

  • $ 9.95

Hi there and Welcome to Cherrygon's Beading Gallery. . Hope U all had a great Summer! You are bidding on a Prestrung Hank of Czech Glass Seed Beads. this is 12/20 inch Strands.These Seeds lay 17 to the inch when strung.This one is another must Have and irresistable Color Mix. This a Multi Color Inside Color Lined Mix. The Colors Red Pinkline and Gold Topaz Gold. This Mix is really Super . The Beads are solidly Colored so it is Had to see they are color Lined . This factor Lends to a Sold Shade of the epitamy of Coral and a Nice Topaz Gold that Sparkles so much it almost Looks SIlver Lined. These beads are made in the Czech Republic and are a high quality glass bead. High Quality means uniformity in size and shape and Color.This Bead will speak for it's self!.The Beads are packed into a 2"x3" Zip Loc Bag. These Beads have metallic Glossy slightly transparent Finish.The picture shows a slightly darker image but not too much. Good size for a various different projects.

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