10/0 Pastel Lilac Purple Satin Pearl Hex Cut Seed Beads

10/0 Pastel Lilac Purple Satin Pearl Hex Cut Seed Beads

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Hello There and Welcome to Cherrygon's Beading Gallery Auctions.This item is a 25 gram Lot of 10/0 glass Hex Cut seed beads. There are about 1000 beads in the Bunch Stringin at about 10 to 11 per inch. of Fun.Some people call them Niblets. This color is a Pastel Lilac. This Color is a Pale Powdery Purple. This is the Perfect Shade Pastel Lilac. Another Exceptional Color for me. It is the kind of Color that is once again irresitable to many of us. Sometimes Colors get me really excited and this is one is no exception along with a few other Fresh ones we have in stock now. This Bead is a Hex cut and Opaque with a Satin Pearl Luster Finish.The light just has a wonderful effect on these Multi faceted Beauties.. The Photo does no Justice for this Class act. Another Stunning Color. Full of Sparkle, Dazzle and Luster.. Very versatile for a range of different Creations.

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